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Goodreads-Rate books and make recommendations, sharing your feedback with friends. Update your profile and add friends. Mark books you want to read and keep a shelf of books read.

Library Thing-Create your own collection of books and catalog them while writing reviews and making book recommendations. Read about authors and engage in discussions.

Nutmeg Book Award-A list of current and past Nutmeg Book Award Nominees and winners. Along with other resources.

Reading Teen-Honest book reviews and discussions about what to read and not to read. For parents too! Giveaways, books for sale, video trailers and more!

Tor-Stories and comics published on including reprints, originals, and excerpts. Plus forums, a gallery and more.

YALSA Best of the Best-Current and previous annotated lists of The Best Books for Young Adults, proven or with potential to appeal to the Young Adult between the ages of 12 and 18.

YALSA Quick Picks-Designed for the Teen, betwee the ages of 12 and 18, who is generally a reluctant reader. High interest material in both fiction and nonfiction with a top 10 list.