Summer Library Adventures

Summer Library Adventures Trailer:

Learn all about Summer Library Adventures in less than 5 minutes!


Registration Begins June 7

There are 3 pieces that you can take part in and you can choose to take part in 1, 2, or all 3 parts: Read, Do, and Go. All 3 parts are available for all 3 of our age groupings as well: Birth-PreK, K-Grade 5, Grade 6-Grade 12.

  1. READ: Track reading on paper (provided at pick-up or printable HERE) or online (google form provided after registration) for raffle chances and bells (spendable points at Weston Library Summer Store).
  2. DO: List of weekly library events you can take part in and Activities-to-go kits packed for pickup each week based on theme (5 each week). Bells (spendable points at Weston Library Summer Store) awarded for activities completed each week.
  3. GO: Get up and go map-Complete tasks listed on our map (provided at first pickup or Printable HERE) to get bells (spendable points at at Weston Library Summer Store).

Summer Library Adventures will run from June 28 through August 20

SUMMER MATERIAL PICK-UP @ Weston Public Library Children’s Department:

  • Collection of RAFFLE TICKETS and BELL SPENDING at the Weston Library Summer Store will be available during open hours when a staff member is in the children’s room. Please check for our open hours.
  • Pickup of TO-GO MATERIALS (Part 2-Do) will be during open hours when a staff member is in the children’s room the week prior to that week’s events. Please give your name to a staff member and they will get your bag.

Dates for Pick-Up:

  • Week 1 (June 28-July 2) pickup is June 21-26
  • Week 2 (July 5-July 9) pickup is June 28-July 3
  • Week 3 (July 12-July 16) pickup is July 6-July 10 (closed July 5 in observance of Independence Day)
  • Week 4 (July 19-July 23) pickup is July 12-July 17
  • Week 5 (July 26-July 30) pickup is July 19-24
  • Week 6 (August 2-August 6) pickup is July 26-July 31
  • Week 7 (August 9-August 13) pickup is August 2-7
  • Week 8 (August 16-August 20) pickup is August 9-August 14
  • Note: Final redemption of raffle tickets must be in by August 20th. Final spending of bells must happen before August 27th.

Ready to Participate?

Keep reading for more information on each part and REGISTER by clicking the ‘program registration’ button below using our Google Form for the parts you want to sign-up for this summer (please fill out a separate form for each child/teen participating).

  • If you are participating in Part 1: Read, our reading challenge, you have the choice to use our weekly paper logs provided each week at the library (we will keep these until the end of summer and then you can pick up to bring to your teacher in the fall to get credit for your titles read) or log online (you get this link after registration). You also can PRINT a paper copy HERE.

Part 1: Read

Reading is for Everyone

Part 1: Read:

  • Option 1: You have the option to use our printed sheets provided at the library each week to log all of your reading and activities. Drop sheets off to the children’s department the following week after reading to get your raffle tickets and bells. We will keep these sheets when you turn them in until the end of summer. Once the program has ended, come to the library to pick up your packet with your cover sheet for your teacher in the fall to get your titles counted. You can also email a picture of completed week to
  • Option 2: You may also PRINT a copy HERE.
  • Option 3: Don’t want to use paper? You have the option to use our Google Form. If using google forms, please only submit forms once per week for the previous week’s reading Monday-Sunday (Submit on Sunday). Access Google Form Here.

How does it work?

By Registering for our program, you will get a random registration prize the first time you do Summer Material Pick-Up.

By registering for our reading challenge you are automatically entered to win the grand prize for your age group.


For every day you read and log, either through our weekly paper forms or our google form, you will get rewarded. These rewards are as follows:

  • Raffle Tickets: For each day you read and log you will get 1 raffle ticket to put in for you choice of prizes displayed in the library.
  • Bells: For each day you read and log you will get 1 bell to spend at our Weston Library Summer Store.


  • More Bells: If you read each day of the week you will get an additional 3 bells to spend. For each book completed, you will get an additional 2 bells to spend.
  • Grand Prize Entries: For each book completed you will get 1 extra entry into our grand prize raffle for your age group.

Grade 6 and up Options:

  • If you do not want to earn Bells to spend at the Weston Library Summer Store, you can turn your bells into Scratch-Off tickets. These tickets are a chance at extra entries into the grand prize raffles. They may say 0 extra chances, 1 extra chance, 2 extra chances or 3 extra chances. You can ask for Scratch-Offs from Miss Alessandra in the children’s room.

Completing Our Challenge:

  • EVERYONE who completes our challenge of reading 45 days or more during the program, will be able to request a Habitat Adventure Game (Complete with Cards and Cardstock Board) created by Beth Gorden ( from the Weston Public Library. (The Weston Public Library has been given permission by Beth to reproduce copies of this game and game cards for our Summer Library Adventures program).

Part 2: Do

Wondering what to DO this summer?

Do activities at home with our activity-to-go kits (weekly themes-you must sign up using the google form above for each child/teen) packed with 5 projects each week. You can also attend our Virtual or Outdoor Events each week (registration required separately for each event on our calendar) See Our Events Page Here. Each week at Summer Material Pickup you will get a sheet to fill out with that week’s activities and programs listed by day.

For each activity from the kit you complete or program you attend, you will highlight what you completed, the following week you will drop this sheet off to the children’s department at Weston Public Library (Parents can take a picture each week and send to if you cannot drop off). We will count up each activity/program completed and give you 1 bell to spend at the Weston Library Summer Store.

Virtual and Outdoor Events and Special Performers:

To learn about our Special Summer Performers and Programs, check out our brochures:

Summer 2021 Events Brochure

Summer 2021 Weekly Brochure

Weekly Themes for Activities Kits:

Week 1: June 28-July 2: Dinosaurs and Dragons Instruction Video

Week 2: July 5-July 9: Bookish Beasts Instruction Video

Week 3: July 12-July 16: The Wild Side Instruction Video

Week 4: July 19-July 23: Dr. Dolittle and Friends Instruction Video

Week 5: July 26-July 30: No Place Like Home

Week 6: August 2-August 6: Read, Connect, Protect

Week 7: August 9-August 13: Amazing Creatures

Week 8: August 16-August 20: Sea/Ocean Life

Part 3: Go

Where to Go, when you may not be able to GO anywhere?

For those that have chosen to participate in PART 3: GO, you will use the map provided at first summer materials pick-up throughout the summer to track where you have gone and what you have done.

How does it work?

We want to make sure you get up and get out this summer, even if you have to stay home to do it, so go on a trip with us.

  • The map will indicate different “trips” you can take or things you can do. Color in the map “stops” of the those you do to earn rewards.
    • Some “trips” are physical– EX: Go to the park.
    • Some “trips” are imaginative– EX: Write an animal Story.
    • Some “trips” are literary– EX: Read a book where a character travels.

Use our map provided at your first materials pick-up or print a copy from the PDF below.

  •  Each day you do one of the activities on the map and date it (you can only complete 1 task per day), you will get 1 Bell to spend at the Weston Library Summer Store.
  • We will collect your maps beginning August 1. Turn in by August 27th. Summer Store will close after this date.

Get up and Go Map PDF

Special Thanks to:

Weston Public Library Board of Trustees

Friends of the Weston Library

Without their funding our special performers and programs would not be possible.  Thank you!