Summer Library Adventures

Our 2020 Summer Library Adventures program has ended.
Thank you to all that participated and congratulations to our grand prize winners.
Remember to keep reading!

Summer Library Adventures Trailer 1:

This year we have changed our summer reading program into:


Registration Begins June 8

There are 3 pieces that you can take part in and you can choose to take part in 1, 2, or all Parts: Read, Do, and Go. All 3 parts are available for all 3 of our age groupings as well: Birth-PreK, K-Grade 5, Grade 6-Grade 12.

  1. Read: Log your reading to get stickers, beads or scratch offs that you can trade in for chances to win our grand prize for your age group.
  2. Do: Do our activities-to-go and participate in our virtual events to acquire a summer story box filled with LEGOs you can then build with
  3. Go: Get up and go with our summer library adventures map to accumulate points you can cash in for prizes at the end of summer.

Summer Library Adventures will run from June 29 through August 14

Adventures are Monday-Friday for 7 weeks, totaling 35 weekdays, except for our Reading Adventure which is Monday-Friday for 8 weeks, totaling 40 weekdays.

SUMMER MATERIAL PICK-UP @ Contactless Curbside:

Collection of prizes/materials for each part will be available on our Summer Material Pick-Up days (normally Saturdays) by time-slot from 10AM-4PM. If you cannot pick up materials on Saturdays, you must arrange with Miss Alessandra a different day/time for pickup by e-mailing her at

Dates for Pick-Up:

Saturday, June 27th

Thursday, July 2nd (we will be closed July 3 & 4, if you cannot pick up on July 2, please e-mail to arrange another pick-up time)

Saturday, July 11th

Saturday, July 18th

Saturday, July 25th

Saturday, August 1st

Saturday, August 8th (final materials pick up)

Saturday, August 15th (reading prize pick-ups only)

Saturday, August 22nd (reading prize and LEGO box pick-ups only)

Ready to Participate?

Keep reading for more information on each part and REGISTER by clicking the ‘program registration’ button below using our Google Form for the parts you want to sign-up for this summer (families can fill out 1 form for up to 4 children). Please note, you will still have to register through our logging software ReadSquared (found under Part 1: Read).

Part 1: Read

Reading is for Everyone

To register for Part 1: Read, please click the image below (Imagine Your Story). Registration for ReadSquared also begins June 8 and you may begin logging your reading on June 20th. Register based on the grade you are ENTERING IN THE FALL OF 2020.

Summer Reading Logging Registration Instructions:

Summer Reading Logging Step-by-Step Video

How does it work?

Use our reading logging system ReadSquared to log the reading you do over the summer.  This is the same system we have used in the past, but we will be doing prize accumulation differently this year.  Instead of minutes read, we will be counting days.  So no matter if you are a 20-minute per day reader or a 4-hour per day reader, it counts! Each week we hope you will read 5 days (Monday-Friday) at the minimum, for a total of 40 days during our adventure (8 weeks x 5 days = 40 days!) We give 1 extra week of reading so that you can have prizes to pick up on our first Summer Material Pick-Up Day June 27th.

By Registering for our program, you will get a random registration prize the first time you do Summer Material Pick-Up.

For every day you read you will get rewarded (rewards can be picked up at contactless curbside the following week on our Saturday, Summer Material Pick-Up Day). All rewards can be cashed in at the END of summer for chances at the grand prize for that age group. These rewards are as follows:

  • Birth-PreK- Each day you read you get a star sticker, if you read all 5 weekdays, you get a special puffy sticker for the other 2 spots on your weekly sticker sheet (provided in your first Summer Material Pick-up Bag). Cash in star stickers for 1 chance at the grand prize and puffy stickers for 2 chances at the grand prize for your age group.
  • Grades K-5- Each day you read you get a bead for your brag tag chain (provided in your first Summer Materials Pick-Up Bag), and if you read all 5 weekdays, you get a special bead. Cash regular beads in at the end of summer for 1 chance each at the grand prize and special beads in for 2 chances at the grand prize for your age group
  • Grades 6-12- Each day you read you get a scratch off ticket with different Number Chances at the grand prize raffle: 0, 1, or 2, and if you read all 5 weekdays you get 5 extra chances. Cash these chances in at the end of summer each for a chance at the grand prize for your age group.

Part 2: Do

Wondering what to DO this summer?

Do activities at home with our activity-to-go kits (weekly themes-you must sign up using the google form above for each child/teen) packed with 5 projects each week (based on program- birth-pre-k, grade k-5, or grade 6-12). You can also attend our Virtual Events each week. Each week at Summer Material Pickup you will get a sheet to fill out with that week’s activities and virtual programs listed by day Monday-Friday.

For each activity from the kit you complete or virtual program you attend, you will highlight what you completed, the following week you will drop this sheet off in our DROP OFF BIN during your Summer Material Pick-Up and for each activity/program highlighted, we will put 1 LEGO in your story box that we will keep at the library until the end of summer. (Parents can take a picture each week and send to if you cannot drop off). At the end of summer, you will collect your story box from us and be able to use your LEGO’s to build your summer story and show off how many things you did and what you can create because of it.

Virtual Events and Special Performers:

To learn about our Special Summer Performers and Programs, check out our brochures:

Summer 2020 Events Brochure

Summer 2020 Weekly Brochure

Weekly Themes for Activities Kits:

Week 1: June 29-July 3- Circus/Carnivals/Fairs

Week 2: July 6-July 10- Animals

Week 3: July 13-July 17- Fairytales/Rhymes/Songs/Stories

Week 4: July 20-July 24: Mythical Creatures

Week 5: July 27-July 31: Artistry

Week 6: August 3-August 7: Nature/The World Around You

Week 7: August 10-August 14: Summer Fun

Part 3: Go

Where to Go, when you can’t GO anywhere?

We want to make sure you get up and get out this summer, even if you have to stay home to do it, so go on a trip with us.

Use our map provided below or pick-up in your first Summer Material Pick-Up and each day mark off the highest point value of something you completed (Map is for Monday-Friday only, we will not count points on weekends):

Get Up and Go Points:

  • G1: Got out of Bed=1 point
  • G2: Did something outdoors=2 points
  • G3: Participated in a family activity/outing=3 points
  • G4: Community Helper/Event=4 points


*Highest Point Value for the day can only be 4 points, even if you did all 4 things.


On each appropriate ‘Day/Date’ line, (start on whatever day/date is your first with your map) write in for that day the highest level of “GO” that you completed and what that activity was. EX: Something outdoors: Ran in sprinkler-2, or Family Activity: Ate dinner together-3, or Community Helper: Donated masks to hospital-4.  You can do anything that falls under these categories. On the Map, use the color code to color in your points for that day/date.


Color Code:

1 Point: Yellow

2 Points: Green

3 Points: Red

4 Points: Blue


At the end of summer, bring your map back to us for us to calculate the total number of points you collected by getting up and getting out.  Those points can be redeemed for a prize. Prizes will cost different amounts of points.  More information on prizes near the end of summer.

Get up and Go Map PDF