About the Library

Mission Statement:  The mission of the Weston Public Library is to provide a broad range of informational, educational, technological, social and recreational resources to serve the diverse needs of the community.

Vision Statement:  The Weston Public Library aspires to be a vibrant and meaningful physical and digital destination that supports the evolving needs of our patrons in the 21st century.

History:  The Weston Public Library was founded in 1935 and was housed in the basement of the Horace C. Hurlbutt, Jr. School.  In 1950, the Library was moved to a larger room on the first floor of the school where it continued to support the school and the general public.  The current Library building was completed in 1963 and has had two subsequent additions.  The original Library consisted on 6,742 sf (including a small mechanical basement and mezzanine).  Expansion projects in 1985 and 1994 increased the total square footage to 14,152 sf.

Strategic Plan

COVID Response

Donations made to the Weston Public Library are tax deductible.